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2008-09-24 22:56:47 by milonjas

haha so spore is out still you should try my game its like a little taste of the game which i recommend you to buy.


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2008-09-25 02:11:36

What's with the shampoo bottle and descending eyes of anger??

milonjas responds:

i dont know you tell me you flying pixie


2008-10-01 07:14:38

yea the game is cool but my computer cant use it ^(

(Updated ) milonjas responds:

yeah they should have made it worst in graphics or an option to set a lower quallity


2008-11-03 20:03:04

They did. You can lower the resolution and the quality of sound, graphics, shading etc.
If it lags, you really want to lower the shadow quality. If already have all the quality on lowest, lower the screen resolution.


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